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Acceptance v/s Ignorance


What does it mean to you? What thoughts come to your mind when you read this word — Accepting yourself? Accepting another person? Accepting a situation?…. It can be a long list sometimes.

Acceptance simply means GIVING CONSENT to what is being offered and moving ahead.

When we talk about people — ourselves or others, it’s very important to understand that every individual is different, every individual is unique. We cannot judge them as they have their own special mind and more importantly we should be non-judgmental about ourselves as well. Something that is wrong from our perspective can be right for the other’s and vice-versa.

When we talk about a situation people generally say that it’s easier to give advice — “to move ahead…” but not as easy to practically apply it. However, the fact is that till the time we won’t accept the situation, we won’t find a solution with an open mind and we will keep IGNORING IT.

IGNORANCE is running away whereas, ACCEPTANCE is making a deal with it and living life with a bang.

We have often heard the phrase “if you want to live happily, delete the things or people that give you stress in life”. This can be seen with two perspectives:

First is IGNORANCE: Most of us prefer this. We don’t want to discuss about it, we don’t introspect, we don’t want to understand our feelings about it. We just want to run away from it.

Second is ACCEPTANCE: We discuss it, we introspect and understand our feelings. We accept the fact and then deal with it or delete it.

Ignorance can have a relapse, after all how much can we run from it? Whenever we will come across that thing or person, the stress will come back. However, when we have accepted the fact and deal properly with, it won’t affect us, no matter how many times we cross it.

Acceptance and Change

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Acceptance does not mean liking something or being happy with the way it is. It means we simply are taking it for what it is.

When we accept, it helps us to face (ourselves, others an even events) . It helps us to take decisions (which can be life altering).  It helps us to be strong (mentally and emotionally) and stand with what we decide as we have given it our time. Thus, it helps us to “change“.

It is rightly quoted “Acceptance is the road to all change.”

Bryant McGill

We have to learn to take charge of our life. We need to keep important and meaningful people and things with us. We need to stop hurting ourselves and others and try not to be affected by other’s. We need to Accept.